Symbiosis , 2019

A documentation born from an emotional travel through the mexican landscape, in a reserch for intimacy and connection to oneself and the primal source of nature. 
Finding its purest expression in the element of water, the study of fluidity reflects on the fertile nature of the female spirit and its intuitive lead into creation. Analyzing the fundamental role of water in life, all images have been created in an environment in strict connection to this element, to stress the interconnectedness and symbiosis of the human form and the living world. Water being a metaphorical reading of the flow of existence, it is the main resource of creation and sustainability on earth.

A Tale of discoveries , 2018

A cityscape of surrealistic tales of encounter and discoveries.
The advancing of technological change and the transformation within ourself to create new identities. Filling the environment with symbols of protection and belief as our faith needs reconsolidating. Enjoying the play in the theatre of infinite possibilities, dressing up in masks to display our desired potential. 
Seeking spirituality within our walls we create mirrors of our identity in our houses, in safety and uniqueness. The animal nature is consumed as we lost connection with our primitive side scratching the surface. Finally all world and humanity is the same and in never ending discovery the cosmos is expanding. The first images of a black hole appearing in the news, the constellations outside our window are a reflection of the fantasies of our mind. Reality being more surprising than a dream, I can’t but express the city around me in a state of wonder, a universe in a bubble of fantasies blending with reality.