Beauty lives within the perfect order of Chaos , 2018

Born as a collaborative project with artists Veronique et Charlotte and Yasmina Benabdelkrim, the series questions the display and perception of beauty and comfort within contemporary society.


Of withered Petals under the blooming Flower , 2017

The tryptich is an ode to female sexuality beyond the ideal, taking it back to its raw and pure aspect. The series invites reflection on desires, fantasies and stereotypes, creating new forms in association to nature.


Il fantasma del mare ,  2019

Created using plastic waste collected on the shores of Sicily, the project “Ghost of the Sea” is part of an artwork conceptualised for Marine Litter Art, issued by italian environmentalist association Marevivo. A journey to rediscover the thrilling beauty of our world and simultaneously reflect on the physical impact of plastic pollution in the present space. A bridge between the visible and the invisible, the ghost represents botht the living spirit of the sea and the empty skeleton of the plastic which endangers our planet. It is my aim to reconnect two worlds wide apart, to link reality and sensation in a shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric vision.

Link to video artwork