Photography is a medicine out of pure love

Landscape, like photography, is a modern ideal.

The term landscape has been applied to photography since the beginning of topographic studies, which implied the new medium to scientifically analyse the space around us. But how do we perceive space and landscape in contemporary society? Detached from its realistic value, I believe landscape being the reflection of our imaginative engagement with nature, or, in other words, a mirror of our perceptual process. Influenced by the romantic tradition in the research for the sublime, the images are suspended between abstraction and reality, depicting a world in between the senses. The viewer is invited to become part of an experience beyond the visual, to engage in a process of feeling aiming to revaluate its connection to nature. Following the thread of modern ecofeminism, the imaginary landscape allows the feminine value of nature to come to the surface, in a deep connection between the human and the natural world.
“Landscape, like photography, is a modern ideal” is an ongoing project started in 2017, part of a personal research on a journey through Europe, South America and South-East Asia.


Beauty lives within the perfect order of Chaos , 2018

In a research to challenge the idea of perception, the series reflects on the years I spent living in London and the ideals of beauty I came across. The value attributed to the human body here lies in the fine line between comfort and unease, as is the unsettling feeling of a generation battling with its own perceptual vision. Recreating connections within the notions of sexuality, identity and beauty, “Beauty lives within the perfect order of Chaos” acts as a mirror of its context and creates a thread relating the body back to its essence, as a performative act on flesh.