There is no better reward for our time than to share it with others.


  • How to develop a concept

  • How to build a project or image series

  • How to read into a photographic image

  • How to create a stable workflow

  • How to develop a personal and unique visual style

  • How to edit a body of work

  • How to use symbolic layers of communication

  • How to adapt to collaborative projects

  • How to find the appropriate output to the work created

  • How to find the fitting industry for each artist

  • How to keep yourself motivated

I myself believe mentoring to be an exchange between artists, allowing my own experience to support the growth of others, to offer a different perspective and help understanding a process of work.

As an artist and Art Direction professor at the University of Milano, I offer my time to anyone interested in expanding its knowledge in the creative field to find and develop his/her own vision and style.

The mentoring is held online and works as one-to-one consultation.

Applying to mentoring you may decide :

* to discuss ongoing image series
* to follow the creation of new projects

The sessions are aimed to guide and accompany the working process of an artist in the creation of a serial body of work, from its concept to its desired output.

To follow on the progress of the work created, it is recommended to start the mentoring from a number of 4 sessions.

If you are looking for one-time individual consultations, portfolio review sessions are also available on request.

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French and Spanish

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