“Landscape, like photography, is a modern Ideal”


Nature is a container of knowledge and emotion.
Landscape is a stage of reality.
The key to change lies in the conscious observation of nature.

What we see is what we know and what we know is what we see.
No reality is truthful yet we have the freedom to choose what we want to see.

“Landscape like photography is a modern ideal” is an ongoing project investigating the notion of landscape in modern photography. The series interprets landscape as a stage to our perception, a space where imagination becomes the parallel of our mind into what we call reality. The images take so the function of a bridge between illusion and truth, display of a lived dream-like state, independent from representation and knowledge.

As emotions come to life through the senses, each landscape and image is also a bridge of feeling, inviting to revaluate the connection between the human and the environment, in favour of a sustainable approach to life.

Shot between 2017 and 2019, the images have been collected as part of a personal study on holistic nature

All rights reserved. ©Alexandra Von Fuerst