SECTION 2 : “Landscape, like photography, is a modern Ideal” , 2017-2020

Nature is a container of knowledge and emotion.
Landscape is a stage of reality.
The key to change lies in the conscious observation of nature.

“Landscape like photography is a modern ideal” is an ongoing project investigating the perception of landscape in modern photography. The series interprets landscape as a stage to human awareness, a space in which imagination allows the subconscious mind to appear into reality. 

Through a spontaneous use of colour, the images take the function of revealing a lived dream-like state, reflection of a primal response to the outside world, independent from representation and knowledge. Each image and colour is also a bridge of feeling, inviting to revaluate the connection between the human and the environment, in favour of a sustainable approach to life.

Shot between 2017 and 2019, the photographs have been collected as part of a personal study on holistic nature and are intended as a celebration of natural spaces in their value for human transformation and development.

All rights reserved. ©Alexandra Von Fuerst