ATMOS The Hive Issue, April 2021 
Photography : Alexandra Von Fuerst
Creative Direction : Effie Villagomez

The project is a visual narration on the use of the psilocybin mushroom as a medicine that hightens the awareness between the human and the natural world.

In order to respect the shamanic practice and indigenous culture, no images have been taken during the ceremony or around the shaman’s house and family. Due to the lack of natural conditions to collect fresh medicinal mushrooms over the Mexican winter season, the fungi shown in the images are not from the psilocybin family but living organisms photographed in the originating territory of the “niños santos” of Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico.

I bεlieve in dialogue, I believe in elevation, I believe in sexual freedom and equality, I believe in art being the shiver that awakes skin and liberates us into life.

As part of an era of transition, I believe in the progressive reconstruction of meaning within contemporary culture and society.

To align with a sensitive and sustainable development of the world which respects the earth as all encompassing breathing system that supports and nourishes us, it is fundamental to ourselves as part of collective society to nurture a vision that creates without taking but provides in return a respectful contribution to the people, the animals, the plants and the environment.

The foundations of development and social progress stand in the conscious sensibility to unite the natural and the humane, removing the barriers to the instinctual, to preserve and reinstall sacredness and wholeness in a cyclical understanding of life.