Born in 1992 from a Slovak mother and Italian father, I grew up in Italy, graduating in Photography at the University of Visual Communication and Design IED in Milano in 2014.

Finishing my studies I spent time travelling and researching in various sites across the world, learning about diverse cultures, religions and perspectives on living and psychosomatic healing.

Starting my career as a photographer within the fashion industry, my interest focuses on shifting the creative process of business into collaborations supporting a long term plan based on the use of organic, renewable, and compostable materials, in a respectful and conscious approach to the environment and the people involved in the process of making of the artwork.

The creative process at the basis of my work synthesises personal experiences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Plant Medicine to create using nature as primal source and tool, unifying the characteristics of different indigenous traditions and encouraging the understanding, respect and celebration of the living principle within each form of being.

Desires and obsessions of the human transmute into the elegant aesthetic of textures and colours, challenging perceptions of identity and reality to recreate understanding in modern philosophy.
Through the exploration of femininity, the work questions the impact of human action on the relationship between body and nature.

Working as a visual artist I am currently living in Paris.


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The NY Times Magazine
Vogue Italia
Harpers Bazaar
ATMOS Magazine
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine

Odiseo by Folch

The British Journal of Photography

Vanity Fair

2021 , NUDE, Collective Exhibition, Fotografiska Museum (Stockholm, New York, Tallin)
2020 , In the picture • Shifting perspectives in fashion photography , PhotoVogue Festival by Vogue Italia, Milano
2019, Future Shock , Fonderia Napoleonica, Milan
2019, Photographing the Female , Beacon Gallery, Boston 
2018 , Italian Panorama , Armani Silos, Milan
2018 , The New Beautiful , Affordable Art Fair, Milan
2017 , PhotoVogue Festival , Spazio BASE, Milan
2017 , Serendipity , Spazio Comando Militare, Milan
2017 , Uncensored - Girl Gaze , Los Angeles
2017 , The New Beautiful , curated by Vogue Italia , Museo Bagatti Valsecchi court, Milan
2017 , Labs New Artists , Red Hook Labs Gallery, NY
2017 , PhotoVogue in Portraits by Vogue Italia and Leica , Leica Gallery, Milan 


+ 2019 - 2021 , Art Direction Course for Photography, IED Istituto Europeo Design, Milan

+ 2020 , Lecture : Process of Unveiling, Heimtextil, Frankfurt am Main

+ 2018 , Lecture : Creative collaboration, University of Arts, Bournemouth, UK
+ 2018 , Lecture : Fashion Photography , London College of Fashion - University of Arts, London

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