SECTION 1 : “A Study of Fertility” , 2020

“I spent 7 years on pharmaceutical birth control and my body never fully recovered. Longing to find a way to work around the issue of menstruation, the series started the day I joyfully stared at the red flower blossoming on the candid underwear I was wearing after a silent pause of half a year. Having lived the absence of menstruation for a long time, I feel the issue around its untold truth a very personal one, seeing its happening as the blessing of being a woman.”

“A Study of Fertility” represents the first section within an ongoing project on the relationship between women, nature and creation. Interpreting the female reproductive system as symbol of life, death and rebirth, the series brings awareness to the taboo of menstruation and reflects on its sacrality and fundamental role within female health.

Sacredness denotes an innate approach of respect and caring that recognises and preserves integrity and diversity, highlighting the circularity of life and creation, to replace a context of leading male centred perspective with its own language of intimacy and sensibility.

The stigma and shame generated by social stereotypes around menstruation has a profound impact on women’s psychological and physical health, impacting women’s social participation and advancement, which undermines gender equality.

Breaking the taboo starts with the right to information and the ability of women and girls to talk freely about their period and sexuality, meeting their bodies with acceptance. To respect and celebrate menstruation as a key aspect of life means in fact to acknowledge it as a human right issue, replacing shame with self-worth.



Inspired by principles of eco-feminism, the project “Human Nature in Life and Rebirth” reflects the nucleus of a sensitive, fluid and feminine relation to society, based on a model of sustainable development and awareness.

Promoting harmony, respect and wellbeing the project embodies a circular model of thinking that values the earth as sacred, recognising humanity’s intimate dependency on the natural world and embracing all life as valuable.

“Human Nature in Life and Rebirth” highlights the right of every being to live and to flourish, through diversity and interconnection, beyond the boundaries of human construction. Independently from its size and appearing, each part of the system represents a fundamental hearth of development within the web of life.

The images presented are symbolical representations, reflections of both myths and personal experiences, re-constructing the paradigm of communication on nature and culture, to promote information, preservation and connection of environments and species.

All rights reserved. ©Alexandra Von Fuerst