SECTION 1 : “A Study of Fertility” , 2020

“A Study of Fertility”
represents the first section within an ongoing project on the relationship between women, nature and creation.

Inspired by views on eco-feminism, sustainable development and human equality find place within a feminine and fluid approach to society, promoting harmony, progress and socio-economical wellbeing through information, understanding and connection between systems, environments and species.

A Study of Fertility” brings awareness to the taboo of menstruation, reflecting on the sacrality of fertility and sexuality and the importance of the menstrual cycle for individual and collective female health.

The stigma and shame generated by stereotypes around menstruation has a profound impact on women’s psychological and physiological health and reproductive life, as well as impacting women’s economic participation and advancement, undermining gender equality.

Breaking the taboo starts with the right to information and knowledge and the ability of women and girls to talk freely about menstruation and sexuality, to listen to their bodies and meet them with acceptance.

To respect menstruation means in fact to acknowledge it as a human right issue, breaking and replacing the shame attached to it with dignity.

A Study of Fertility

All work ©Alexandra Von Fuerst