I spent 7 years on pharmaceutical birth control and, to the present day, my body never fully recovered. Having lived the absence of menstruation for a long time, I feel the issue around its truth a personal one, perceiving its happening as the blessing of being a woman.

To the present day my body does not follow a regular moon cycle. Following depression, loss of sexual desire, blood circulatory diseases, nervous eating disorders as consequence of inner hormonal malfunction I came to realize the highly toxic effects of a commonly and easily prescribed drug such as the birth control pill. I wish to highlight that many solutions are at hand when referring to a healthy menstruation and all of them can be found in holistic medicine. The strong influence of the moon on the feminine cycle of life is a blessing to those who are open to listen, being able to synchronize the physical and emotional body to follow a natural rhythm. It is about changing the perception of time to dive into the body clock and reach into the benefits of what nature offers to us.

A Study of Fertility interprets the female reproductive system as symbol of life, death and rebirth, aiming to bring awareness to the taboo of menstruation and to open a dialogue on the vital role of period blood in female collective health.

The photographic series A Study of Fertility is the first section in the ongoing project Human Nature in Life and Rebirth, reflecting on the relationship between the natural and the humane. Promoting diversity, respect and acceptance, the project embodies a circular model of thinking that values the earth as sacred, recognising humanity’s intimate dependency on the natural world and thus embracing all life as valuable.

The Substance of Venus, 2021

Center of Stability, 2020

Sitting at the Side of the River, 2021

Gazing at the Garden of Life, 2019

Rebirth into a Flower, 2019

Flowers need Time to Bloom, 2021

The Butterfly Effect, 2021

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